Evaluate myself as a leader

Steve jobs talks about managing people inside Apple

After study the course of leadership, I finally got my own vision of leadership: Being a leader is not only about being a leader, but also about being a friend of the followers. The basic purpose of leadership is to establish a set of principles and believes inside the company, and follow this set of principles and believes, the followers will be guided and encouraged by leaders to complete a series of tasks and achieve the goals. The interaction is really important between leaders and followers, sometimes a leader can be sociable towards followers and therefore create a friendly atmosphere in the office, sometimes a leader can be strict and serious when something goes wrong or something important is undergoing. It is vital for leaders to establish their own style of leadership based on the specific situation and position of a company. For example, in a multi-national company like H&M, a diverse team should be hired by leaders to better operate the company in an internationally context and as more complicated situations could change in this context, the leaders in these companies should also have the ability to manage resistance to change. On the other hand, being an ethical leader could help a company to run an ethical business style and finally help the company to get an better image. I tend to use the Lassiez- Fair leadership style in my company in the fashion industry, for this style of leadership controls little over the company and let team workers to work on their own ideas freely and it is the most suitable style for fashion industry.

Steve Jobs is the one who inspired me most how to carry out the effective leadership. Apple is an innovative company, just like any company requiring innovation in fashion industry. It designs, develops and leads the consumer electronics in the electronic industry. Therefore innovation is highly valued in Apple and a leader of this company should encourage employees to be creative and conduct the corresponding way to carry out the leadership style. In the interview of Steve Jobs, I identify several points that do inspire me to establish a right leadership style in fashion industry: Apple is a highly collaborative company, although it has been established for so many years, it is still like a startup. Steve Jobs met the team workers three hours per week to work on new ideas and solve problems happened during the process of design and development of the products. In addition, through better communication between leaders and followers, the trust can be established between them, so that no extra efforts have to be put to guardian the process of development. Also, Job Steve created a suitable working environment for employees to give play to their creativity and make their own decisions to contribute their own ideas. The leadership style of Steve Jobs inspired me to communicate effectively with employees and create a good working environment for employees to encourage creativity.
My colleagues help me identify several strengths that I have in leadership. Firstly, I am an ethical person with the ethical values and believes in my mind, an ethical leadership can guide a company to run an ethical business. Secondly, being a good speaker and a good listener as well, I can communicate with people without any obstacles and they like to talk to me, it is quite easy for me to encourage people to do the right thing. Also, I can learn new things quickly, hence I can get what just happened quickly and lead the team to solve a specific problem effectively. Finally, I am enthusiastic about work, which can give me more power in carrying out works.
However, not everyone is born as a leader. Leadership can be learned through process. My hope is that I can one day become a leader who can make things happen that would not happen otherwise without my directions. I still have some weaknesses in leadership. Firstly, I am not a good risk taker, a leader is supposed to take risks and should recognise good ideas from others or from the communities inside the company and all changes of circumstances come with risks and challenges. Secondly, I do not have a vision of what the company would be like or what would happen in the future, this could due to lack of work experience. Therefore through my process of MBA, I will be keen on developing the weakness I have now to become a better leader in the future.


2 thoughts on “Evaluate myself as a leader

  1. It’s very impressive to have a video in the beginning of your blog, and it’s nice to combine the theories with your own experience. On the other hand, I don’t think you have a good end of the blog. It may be better if you add a conclusion to summary you blog.

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